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Bringin' in the Rain

Bringin’ in the Rain: A Woman Lawyer’s Guide to Business Development
By Sara Holtz

Bringin’ in the Rain is the definitive guide for any woman lawyer who wants to be a rainmaker. 

In this book, Sara Holtz shares wisdom gained from more than 20 years of coaching and training lawyers in effective approaches to business development.  Filled with practical advice on the most efficient and effective ways to generate a client base, it demystifies the business development process and provides time-tested, proven approaches to growing your practice.

Written in a concise and action-oriented style, Bringin’ in the Rain provides a step-by-step guide to developing a book of business.  It can also serve as a reference manual for specific business development challenges.

Bringin’ in the Rain shows how to:

  • Develop a clear vision, specific goals, and appropriate targets for generating business
  • Engage in high-payoff marketing activities that tap into one’s talents and strengths
  • Make the most of limited marketing time with practice-building strategies that are effective and efficient
  • Formulate a plan for consistently staying in touch with clients and prospects
  • Build strong client relationships without relying on golf-course connections
  • Ask for referrals and business in ways that are neither daunting nor “salesy”
  • Leverage speaking and writing opportunities, conference attendance, and one-on-one marketing to produce results

For any woman lawyer intent on building a practice, Bringin’ in the Rain provides a clear road map filled with proven techniques that lead to success.  The answer to the question “What needs to be done to build a book of business?” is within its pages.

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